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Build your dream home with the best smart tech: A gas water heater, clothes dryer, hobs and more

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You’ve invested in the excitement of renovating a brand-new apartment, eager for the fresh start a beautiful home offers. Why not elevate that experience and embrace the future of modern living with a smart home that simplifies your life? Enjoy the convenience of a smart gas water heater for instant hot showers, an efficient gas dryer for laundry, smart gas hobs and smart hoods that make cooking more fuss-free, along with other innovative solutions that prioritise comfort, energy efficiency, and peace of mind.

As a leader in lower-carbon energy solutions, Life by City Energy believes in offering smart choices for the home. Smart energy choices and the shrewd choice of a connected home ecosystem can make home living more pleasant. We even provide free installation so that you don’t have to spend time setting up your smart home.

All the benefits without the hassle? Here’s how.

Your smarter home, simplified

Setting up smart homes should be easy, and Life by City Energy understands this. It offers integrated solutions, saving you hours of research in determining compatibility between devices and smart home platforms. This means that every device you buy from the store is easy to set up, and everything works together seamlessly. You control all devices through the user-friendly iAppliances app, which integrates easily with Google Home or Alexa to offer more autonomous flexibility and voice control options.

We also believe you should not feel pressured to turn every inch and corner of your house into a Wi-Fi-enabled feature. At Life by City Energy, we have a wide range of solutions that you can purchase individually based on your current needs. New devices can be seamlessly integrated into your home network, so you don’t have to worry about getting everything perfect right away. Our brand ambassadors at the experiential retail store are always on hand to help you plan your smart home upgrades.

Smart water heaters and gas hobs for an efficient Singapore home

The key to a truly smart home is a seamless experience. And one area of the home where this is most welcome is the kitchen.

Our Küche and Möwe smart home collections offer Smart Hobs and Smart Hoods that work in tandem to deliver a better cooking experience. Ignite the hob, and the hood automatically activates, adjusting to your pre-programmed airflow setting while the lighting comes on to illuminate the cooking area. As a safety precaution, you can install smart sensors to detect smoke or gas, which will then shut the devices down to prevent accidents if you become preoccupied and leave your cooking unattended. And that’s not even the best part. Direct heat cooking with gas allows you to cook your best, enabling cooking techniques such as wok hei and charring; you also get to enjoy the conveniences that smart devices offer.

Likewise, a smart gas water heater from our store will enhance your bathing experience and lower carbon emissions. A study conducted by National University of Singapore Professor Dr Lee Siew Eang uncovered significant environmental benefits associated with gas water heaters, finding that they save 80% in carbon emissions compared to an electric storage heater.

Beyond their environmental benefits, you can enjoy a shower tailored to your preferences. Use the app to set your ideal heater temperature precisely, then relax and indulge in a calming atmosphere created by smart lighting and gentle music.

Because at the end of the day, the whole point of a smart home is about improving your quality of life in the most intelligent way possible.

Effortless solutions with gas dryers and more

And sometimes, it’s not about buying high-tech devices with the most features; it’s about what makes a difference in your life. According to a study by Tokyo Gas, a gas clothes dryer takes approximately 1/3 of the drying time of an electric clothes dryer. This means that rain or shine, you need not worry about not getting your laundry done if you have a gas dryer like the Rinnai RDT-62-SG-W, for example. Given how unpredictable the weather in Singapore is, we don’t always have the luxury of hanging out our clothes to dry. And when the haze hits, it’s a big headache to dry your clothes and keep them free from pollutants.

It doesn’t take a lot to make things effortless. Even the simple act of installing smart plugs can make that much of a difference in your life. If you forget to turn off an appliance, you can simply turn it off remotely from your app or program it so that everything turns off when you leave the vicinity of your Wi-Fi. It can be that simple.

Experience the difference and learn more at the Life by City Energy experiential retail store, a one-stop shop for gas-powered appliances and smart home ecosystems. Let us take the guesswork out of your dream smart home experience by meeting your needs, minus the unnecessary effort. Visit our experiential retail store today and let our brand ambassadors kickstart your journey!

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